Music About Town | The Backroom, Potts Point

As another fave place to catch live tunes, I featured The Backroom in my write up on Where You'll Find The Best Live Music in Sydney for Contiki. I loves it because it lives around the corner from me, they always have a rabbit hole of a night happening and it's the home of Pirates and Mermaids so no matter which I feel like being, it's cool there - I don't have to choose. 

2A Roslyn St, Potts Point 

Just a hop, skip and a jump from the Golden Mile of Kings Cross, down a back alley and through a non-descript door, you'll find The Backroom. Rum-filled-coconuts, mermaids, artists (who could actually be painting right there in front of you) and the odd pirate are just some of the characters you'll meet as your get further into your journey down the deep corridor-like venue. 

What it lacks in size, it makes up for with some of the biggest of big names kicking into secret shows and after parties with models who could out-hipster even the coolest of cools. The music is wild but the party is wilder and if you're lucky enough to get in you won't come out the same. (You could 
try the early thing, although that will probably mean you’re not really cool enough to be there anyway.)

It was at The Backroom in late 2012 that I launched the very first teaser collection of MojoMade T-shirts, with my original artworks that you guys helped me to decide on which prints to make up the collection. It was such a crazy, packed-out night of tie-dyed skulls and gypsy lions, free drinks, amazing food and live music with my band. Take a trip down memory lane with those tie-dyed tees here


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