The Tiger's Lair

Gold Cape: Tight Tigers  |  Bodysuit: American Apparel  |  Shorts: One Teaspoon

A few pics from last Friday's gig at The Lair, supporting Sons of Mercury and The Former Love.
I hit the stage solo with Penny Lane (my Taylor Guitar) and Jimmi (my JamMan looping pedal) for the all ages gig. Rocked out some spankin' new tunes and had a blast playin to the sold out crowd.

Highlights of the night... 
Alexi Collins from The Former Love rockin some killer feather braces.
And did I mention these guys smash it live?! ❤

Sons Of Mercury with a bevy of girls on stage - seriously. With dance moves and everything.

Photography by Blair Dwyer and Gwendolyn Lee (where you see the little GL signature:)
You can check out more pics from Gwendolyn HERE.

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  1. fab!!!^^
    i love your blog ;)
    i follow you :D


  2. That gold cape nearly makes me cry! Gosh it's beautiful and you look so bloody fantastic! You are a multitalented girl aren't you?

    Gonna stalk you now

    And ps. thanks for dropping by my blog!


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