1970's Wildfox

Mustard Maxi Lovin'

Bummer Poncho (UNIF EXCLUSIVE)    |    Cotton On Fringe bag / House of Harlow 1960 Necklace,  Wildfox Couture Sunglasses , $230 / Frends Gold Taylor Headphones

It's official, the 70's are back in all their bohemian-rock-n-roll-cocaine-lovin-glory. I, for one, have been tilting my excessively over-sized hat to the 1970's since way back in the naughties... And now that it's beginning to rain here in the land down under, my large-brimmed head-gear can double as a bad-hair-day cover up and umbrella all in one, whilst still remaining in vogue. Phew!

It's way too cold to take photos outside today so I've been playing dress-ups on Polyvore which, you may have realised by now, is one of my favourite ways to get inspiration. This is the kind of thing I wear most days as it's based on my love of maxi's and mustard (the colour - not the sauce, although I don't mind a little Dijon on my hot dog. I don't go for the Mild American, because I'm not sure that concept actually exists, let alone that it could be a food source. Sauce).

But, I digress... I am in love with oversized everything at the moment, I don't know if it's just something that happens as you get older or if it's just that I've found the style that makes life easier. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm going to start wearing MuuMuu's or wearing clothes purely for comfort, it's just that ponchos, capes, maxis and my boyfriend's jeans just have a certain effortless appeal about them.

Back to my outfit... I don't exactly know how my headphones would work under this cartwheel hat, I assume I would just wear them around my neck until I needed to listen to some tunes (I'm obsessed with The Rubens right now), which makes it clear that I'm heading to the recording studio or some kind of important music related situation. The gold on these Frends Headphones imply I'm serious about music and that I'm cool, like Drew Barrymore. Although she should have used my bad-hair-day-70's-hat-trick.

Anyways, all that I'm trying to say is that the 70's are back and I'm happy about that.
Also, that I like the colour mustard, maxis, and good headphones that cover the whole music and style mash up that is my life.

The end.

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