Off To The Races

Photography by Blair Dwyer   |   All items available online at The Iconic
Pants: Cooper St   |   Top: Ben Sherman   |   Hat: Bondi Beach Bag Co   |   Black Cuff: Bowie

Well it's that time of the year when sunshine and champagne go hand in hand with hats, horses, fashion and throwing your money down. I for one, am a huge fan of the big hat and a bold print - I like the idea of doing something different when all the other girls are wearing dresses. A bright and warm day at the races is what I had in mind when putting this look together for my "Blogger's Edit" feature I recently did with The Iconic Magazine (Spring Issue is out now). And I am obsessed with these Cooper St pants - if I could sleep in them, I would. Let the spring racing season begin! 

"Now I'm off to the races, cases
of Bacardi chasers,
chasin' me all over town
'cause he knows I'm wasted, facin'
time again at Riker's
Island and I won't get out..."
                             - Lana Del Rey

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