Wild & Free in 2014

Whilst I'm not so into New Year's Resolutions, this year I am very much into starting over. Starting fresh with all things new. Everything from the way I blog to my home and office space. From the way I make music and go touring to the way I create jewellery and art. It seems that everyone I talk to lately feels a similar way. So what better way to start the new year off than sharing with you some thoughts images that inspire for a wild & free in 2014.

2014 invites you...

To explore & be adventurous.
To live wildly inside the moment.
To create magic.
To inspire and connect with like-minds.
To laugh till my ribs crack.
To wake up to the wonderment.
To open my eyes.
To drift where the wind takes me.
To close my eyes and fly.
To move with the moon.
To run with the wolves.
To hunt.
To love.
To gather.
To feel.
To settle into freedom.
To be home.

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