Full Moon Valentine's Inspiration

The Lover's Full Moon Valentine

So it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, and I'm on the borderline of "cynical" about the whole thing. On one hand I think it's just a made-up day that encourages lovers to spend more money at restaurants, hotels and on gifts for their significant others... But on the other hand - I love the idea that we're all celebrating love at the same time :)

This February 14th, 2014 will see a FULL MOON in LEO... which is going to bring high emotions, and electric lovin' for everyone. Full Moon's are always a time of high emotions so be aware as you head into this Vantine's Day not to sweat the small stuff with your lover - because it could make for a very firery night! Just be mindful and love your love with an electric heart and channel all that fire into passions! Get some more astral insights on the Valentine's Full Moon over at Mystic Mamma.

I do, however, think that the reminder to show your most beloved one how much you absolutely adore them is a nudge we all need sometimes! When you've been with someone for a while, it gets easier to forget that the little things count and so Valentine's Day can be a nice little reminder that you're part of a world that celebrates the very idea of love.

And that's a nice place to be in, right?

And above all, girls, please wear some sexy underwear, a little lace, and a killer outfit with ridiculously incredibly high shoes - that in itself is gift enough!!


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