August 10 Supermoon: The Closest Full Moon of 2014

The August 10th full moon is another Supermoon, but tonight, the moon will actually be the closest to Earth for 2014 - so it's pretty spectacular! There are so many things you can do to take full advantage of the full moon's power, and over the coming months I'll be sharing some very special in-depth information on everything moon-related. But today I wanted to share a few things as a bit of an introduction, and send you to some of my favourite gypsy-hearts out there who can guide you with some beautiful actions you can take to harness this super moon magic!

C L E A N S I N G   C R Y S T A L S 
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The full moon is the most powerful time to cleanse your crystals under lunar light, because the moon is in full view - therefore it's energy is able to illuminate your crystals at full power. I personally cleanse all the crystals in my MojoMade Jewellery collections (which you can read about here), after they've been charged up with sunlight and bathed in ocean waters. 

Keep in mind that the lunar light of the moon represents feminine and creative energy... It can be wild and unruly if it's unfocused, so you may want to balance this with solar light to keep things solid.

F U L L   M O O N   C L E A N S E

Sarah Wilder from The Fifth Element Life offers us 5 ways to cleanse with a full moon, so if you're feeling a need to let go and recharge, have a look at her awesome little nuggets of information on the following:


With Vienda M

Offering an incredibly on point break down of astrological workings during August, this information is sure to help you understand why some things have been happening and how you're being affected. It's great to map out the rest of the month of the Leo too!

Happy howling xx

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