MojoMade is my little corner of the universe. The space where I can share my love of fashion, the music I write, the crystal jewellery I make, my travels, my adventures and my musings on everything in-between. It's the cocoon where my art breathes and leaps into life.

There is something VERY exciting happening in this little corner, and it's arriving in September 2014.

Je m'appelle Morgan.

I spend my days drawing, colouring in and playing dress ups.
 I spend my nights with music and the darkness.

“I think the highest and lowest points are the important ones. Anything else is just...in between.”  - Jim Morrison

I'm a singer and musician first up and since I've been on this journey I've been lucky enough to get into fashion design and explore my love of art.

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia but now live in Sydney.
I play lots of live gigs and have some music on iTunes.  

I've toured Australia with some amazing international acts like Jason Derulo, Adam Lambert and Newton Faulkner and my music has taken me to a lot of cool places in the world. I've released independent CD's and been signed to a major Sony, had my face on a T-Shirt in Zara stores worldwide, been in love, sang on Celebrity Apprentice, won a $10,000 wardrobe, won $50 on a crossword-scratchie, walked the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney, launched my own crystal jewellery label and designed a Spring/Summer 11 collection for Aussie label Azuki which was stocked in over 200 boutiques including Myer.

It sounds like a lot of cool shit, but it's just life, right? And it's only the beginning.
There is always more music, more fashion, more travel and more art to make!

So get ready for something cosmically exciting happening here in September 2014!

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And I like to dance. Yeeehhaaaaaahhhhhhh