Jewelry Born From Life.

Life, Luck and Prosperity takes a spin in the dreamer's eyes.
"The Catcher" is a lucky switcher of moods...

This is a story about music, love, life and new beginings.
Embracing an end to find a start.

Been busy making new jewelry over the weekend... You can find these pieces in the SHOP here on my blog - or if you're an Etsy lover, visit my store there too :) 
There's only limited numbers available.
Love MoJo x

4 peeps said something:

  1. I love them!


  2. very cool stuff!


  3. Ooooo cool jewelry! Skull and feathers <3333 My sister makes 3D skulls out of air dry clay ^^ I LOVE your photography! ♥
    -Anna :D


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