Jim Morrison

This is the best part of the trip, this is the trip, the part... that I really like. 

  The soft parade how now begun
Listen to the engines hum
People out to have some fun
Cobra on my left leopard on my right


Can you find me soft asylum, I cant make it anymore. 
The man is at the door.


It's been 40 years since he left... And we've wandered so far from where we were going. I don't know about you... But I'm going back.

Today marks a new beginning - staring down the face of the end.
Hope you'll join me for the ride.

Welcome to the Soft Parade.

Jim Morrison.
December 8th 1943 - July 3rd 1971 

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  1. oh my god i love this post. i have such a true love for jim morrison as well, it's always great to see fellow jim morrison appreciators! (& jim morrison posts of course). www.whothefuckismickjagger.blogspot.com

  2. Later half of sixties was a good time for Morrison to be alive. The raging counter-culture with its angst ridden yearnings, primal sexuality, unhinged drunkenness and a wildly seductive notion of enlightenment- was ready for him. He came and lent a veneer of sheer sexiness to the excesses of his era.


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