Love, Tilly Devine

Love, Tilly Devine is the cosiest little wine and tappas bar hidden in a back alley of Darlinghurst - or 'Razorhurst' as it was known at the time of it's namesake's reign over the underbelly of Sydney.
Every time I walk past the laneway, all I hear is a 1940's playlist humming under the laughter and clinking of wine glasses... So I had to get there to sample some of the wine and honestly, the best tappas I've ever had.

The menu is all about the drink - there must be 10 pages dedicated to wine! But when it comes to the often changing tappas style food - it's, well... devine...

I love that they say inside the menu that while they like her spirit, they don't condone what Tilly Devine did for a living... haha. And although she and hubby Jimmy never lived at the place - he did murder someone around the corner... You'll love it if you're up for an intimate chat, some vino and - did I mention the tasty tappas? :)

I'll admit, I'm especially in love with this season of Underbelly - because everything happened in my backyard, around the corner or just down the street!

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