Hectic Days

It's been a hectic few days! 
Wow that's a weird word if you say it over and over... Try it. 
Hectic. Hectic. Hectic.

Lots of walking the streets of Sydney scouting great walls and fences to photograph... Soaking up the sun, photos, sketching, making music and now I'm at the showing of my very first collection! 
Nice to just chill out for a bit and chat with all the lovely girls in the biz from around Sydney... Pics and a blog-post coming soon!

So many exciting things coming together... This hard work seems to be paying off.
But I think it's too late - I seem to already be addicted.
Mojo x

Arizona Shirt designed by me for Azuki.

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  1. I absolutely adore your blog and style!<3
    If you want check out my blog and if you like it - follow me!
    I'll def follow you!<3

  2. I love this look, the blouse is stunning!



  3. Hi Morgan! Love your blouse and your sense of style is amazing! I am going to peruse through your store, sounds like you design the items? Can't wait to see what you have! You'll probably like the swingpack my mom designed and made in my outfit post today. Hope you'll stop by!

  4. Well, I just think I am going to have to get myself this shirt. I shall start shopping in your store I suspect.. But do I get the white or dark singlet?! Help me decide please miss!

  5. have just found your blog and i love your photos
    you are so talented, i love the shirt much!

    style frontier

  6. We just saw your video clip Devil's in the Detail and we´re so exciting! Love that song and this video, you are really talented :)


  7. Hi! I love really love your style and your blog,this shirt is fantastic and you're so pretty :)

    Now i'm following you ,please check out my blog and follow me I you like it! Thaanks

    kisses from

  8. I looove your shirt! :)

    You're very pretty, xxx, Inès.


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