Tight Tigers. You Know It.

Why the hell are these NOT in my wardrobe?? WHAT could I possibly have been doing that these babies aren't on my ass yet?!

My love for short shorts just tipped a little overboard after I saw this from Tight Tigers. And unfortunately my obsession for clothing that looks like a dancing costume (from my years of tap dancing and acrobatics) hasn't made it any easier to ignore.

And the worst bit? They've got capes and jackets and dresses. It's disgusting. 
Hideously disgustingly addictive.

Now... I'm gonna give you the link to see the rest of what they've got to offer but I'll warn you... You may not come out the other side without this contagious addiction.
So I'll apologise in advance for your upcoming spend spree.
It's serious guys. I'm already gone.

*Images taken from tighttigers.com

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  1. Ahh these are amazing! PS I watched your vid, love it!

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.


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