Sometimes People Just Don't...

Sometimes people just don't see you for who or what you are.
No matter how many words tumble from your mouth - they wrap you up in their dreams and hold you tight. Words are simply that, words... and everyone knows how to talk. So you can talk till you're blue in the face - but actions speak louder than words! So really, all you can do... is DO.

Sometimes people just don't consider that you can still breathe when they're not around. That you can still love, even if they don't love you. Sometimes people simply forget. And sometimes the spark just dies no matter how hard you fight to keep it burning. 

So you have to keep track of your own path. Don't fight someone else's fight unless you've already won your own. And in the end instead of fighting at all, it's better to just be generous with everything you've got to give... But don't be ignorant.

This world will take advantage of your honesty... but only if you let it.


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