Sunday Baking & The British Lolly Shop

Choc-chip Mini Mojo-Cakes
Vanilla icing w/ Rasberry Licorice rope
Double choc-fudge triangles & Cadbury Flake

I think by now we've established that I have a sweet tooth.
And if the above images are anything to go by - I also I love to bake mini cupcakes and top them off with ridiculously sweet lolly combinations. And now that I just live around the corner -  The British Lolly Shop in Kings Cross is my weakness! Damn you sweet Peter and your free samples every time I walk past!


Lucky for you, The British Lolly Shop are coming to my launch party this Thursday night at The Backroom (RSVP to the Facebook Event here). Sweets along with *real* food and drinks by Bacardi are all making the rounds on the night along with giveways from One Teaspoon, Lotus Mendes Jewelry and Market HQ (to name a few!)

But if you can't wait that long to get a sweet-fix, check out The British Lolly Shop King's Cross Facebook... Each Sunday they do a giveaway on Facebook at 9pm that just keeps jackpotting if no-one wins. 
TODAY it's up to 3kgs of lollies!

PS. I will be making mini-mojo cupcakes for Thursday night's party - so get your sweet tooth ready!


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