ULTIMATE Giveaway: Becca Cosmetics

When I see photos like this is makes me want to scrub my face and only leave the house with a splash of lip-gloss and mascara. Alas, I am not as exotically stunning as these beauties! These luscious images represent the alluring Australian brand making waves on the international beauty scene - BECCA COSMETICS.

If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say "Becca Beach Tint" you MUST get to your closest stockist and try it out - it will change your life. My fave is Watermelon and it lasts FOREVER!

And if me loving it isn't enough - here's a few other gals who also love Becca:
 Mary-Kate Olsen
Kate Moss
Rachel Bilson
Sienna Miller
Miranda Kerr
Kylie Minogue
Reese Witherspoon
Cameron Diaz

And that really is only to name a few! You can check out a full list of celebrities here, it's pretty impressive and judging by the refreshing looks of all those named - BECCA truly is something worth looking into :)

ULTIMATE Giveaway Gift #4

Yep - another little gift for my Ultimate Giveaway - just in time for summer!!
Just to give you a taste of this beautifully natural and refreshing brand, BECCA are going to give you a little gift if you are the lucky winner...

GIVEAWAY ENDS THIS WEEK - So get your entries in quick :)

*Images in this post taken from www.beccacosmetics.com

8 peeps said something:

  1. All those girls are so pretty... Wish I could look like that :D In Poland Becca Cosmetics isn't a known brand, so I can't actually say how good it is, but you describes it like it was die for and I believe every single word <3

  2. Fresh and pretty faces!! In Spain isnt known also!

  3. Wow amazing photos! They all look gorgeous:)

    xx Laura

  4. Wish I could win this giveaway.
    Love your blog!

  5. God, seeing these pictures makes me want to wear a mask to hide my face :D those girls are stunning!

    Please, BECCA, make me as pretty as they are! :))

    I would loved to win <3


  6. :D Already entered! Can't wait till the winner is selected.

    Castle Fashion

  7. I am totally in, what a wonderful giveaway !!





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