Winter Staples via Polyvore

The main thing I love about winter is all the glorious layers us girls get to wrap ourselves up in... Like a pass-the-parcel that comes on and off depending on the heating (or no heating) between your house, your car and your work... It's easy to get stuck in a rut of jumpers, jeans and the same old scarves - but there's nothing wrong with finding your staple 'style' and interchanging that for splashes of colour or print. Again, thanks to Polyvore, I'm exploring some winter style by clicking and dragging and only THEN spending the balance of my Pay Pal account!

Leather pants, printed scarves, killer jackets, a fringe bag and these glorious ROC boots are my go-to's for the cooler months... I love a mono-chrome looks with a burst of red or turquoise to amp up a little personality on a dull day. And the best part for a chick with a busy schedule is this kinda look works day and night - no heels necessary!


4 peeps said something:

  1. oooh so much leather fabulousness, the jacket and pants, but those fingerless studded gloves... L O V E!

    Have a lovely day!

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  2. That is the best with the vinter, all the layers!
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  3. well.. i totally agree! that jacket is super, i always go with the standerd rcker leather jacket but this one a little more elegant it's just as wicked :D sweet pick!


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