These Le Specs Have Magic Powers

These Le Specs sunnies have some serious magical powers. They're like X-Ray vision, but different. Let me try and explain - it's like this cool thing where you look at other people but instead of seeing through them, you see through yourself. My favourite thing that happens is when I see something in someone that I don't like - you know, the kinda person that rubs you the wrong way because of their approach, or opinion, or comment or whatever... Well, when you wear these babies you actually see why they annoy you... And that it's actually got to do with something that annoys you about yourself. But the thing is: they don't work like that for everyone. Sometimes people wear these glasses and instead of getting to use all the magic through the mirror, they use them as deflectors reflectors.

Actually, Carl Jung can probably explain it better than me...

Oh wait, it's not the glasses that's doing that, it's my awareness. #Duh, silly me...
But hey, the glasses look cool anyway, riiiiiii-ght?!

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●  O U T F I T   D E T A I L S  ●
Le Specs Reflectors at General Pants
Free People Top
BC The Label Shorts
MojoMade Crystal Arrow Necklace in Amethyst

More on 'Everyone is Your Mirror' here.

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    1. Cute right?!! Free People is always right :)

  2. Great the best thing about this article is that winter is almost at the door and leather is like oxygen in the winter the only best thing which can prevent cold from you haha. As i work at CV writing services in Dubai i need pure leather jackets to cover me from the high cold.


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