The End of MojoMade...

Well... the time has come for me to say goodbye to MojoMade, as a blog and as a jewelry label...

Although I’ve known this was coming for a little wile - it’s actually been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I've spent a year clearing out a whole lotta crap in my life - my own stuff, other peoples stuff - blah blah blah. It's been hard, but who cares - that's just life, right?! Anyways, I wanted to farewell my little corner of the Universe here with a 'final post' - but I keep getting caught up in all the words I want to say - the thank you's for your support, your emails, your questions, your pictures, your participation.

The thing is... the writing of it just takes away from everything I'm trying to say. Let's face it - I'm a multi-passionate girl living in a multi-dimensional world... It's richly full of passion, rhythm, colour and melody - and I just can't get it across on a blog anymore. That's the whole thing. Writing blog-posts is just not my best voice, my best voice is the one I have through music and art - and trust me, I know how lucky I am to be able to choose... But in saying that, I don’t think I knew what MojoMade really meant to me until I made the decision to let it go -  I certainly didn't think it would actually feel like I was letting something go. And even now, as I’m writing this, I’m really taking stock of just what this place, and you my readers, have been to me since I began blogging in early 2011…

Simply put, 
MojoMade was my heartbeat...

And I really don’t mean that lightly. In all it’s explosion of colour, during a time when I was signed to one of the world’s biggest record labels but was unable to express my real self at all through my natural voice of music, MojoMade became my refuge. It was this little luminous cave in the heart of the deep, dark woods where I could simply create for the sake of creating - no boundaries. It gave me a sense of direction when I had lost my compass. And very quickly I got the hang of this fragmented version of me – the one living in this world she had created all by herself.

But the thing is, that once you get used to your surroundings, you find comfort in the comfortable instead of in the unknown. You can begin to censor yourself for no other reason than a fear of failure. And it just gets really boring. Wet fish kind of boring.

So after walking away from my record deal with Sony 6 months ago, sifting through over 70 music recordings, a year’s worth of new ideas crammed into my iPhone, meditating, healing, cleaning out my home and life of the unnecessary and stripping everything back to just me, my voice and my guitar – it dawned on me…

MojoMade had become a cage.  

The refuge which had been my life support for 3 years and once housed all of my creativity no longer has the space to hold all of my dreams, because now I have my voice back and I have my freedom. Of course, I am pondering the reasons why I thought I lost it in the first place, but that’s for my album: the one I WILL ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO RELEASE NOW!

And as much as I’d love to share it all with you through heartfelt blog post after heartfelt blogpost – I’ve got better shit to do. And so do you. I mean, love to write and tell stories, but doing it in the form of this blog is now a distraction, even if it is fun - the best distractions always are!! And hey, I need to save something for my autobiography one day!

So, with this new perspective I’m editing and re-writing my history and jumping into the unknown with nothing but my true self, an open heart and the open seas. It’s time to make room for something brighter, deeper and more vast than can be measured by everything that has existed before.

I hope you enjoy the final days of MojoMade, as we revisit a few highlights of my journey from blogger to model to international touring musician, from appearances in Japanese magazines, to Zara stores to Celebrity Apprentice. From Westfield playlists to Hordern Pavillion, and fashion collections to jewelry labels.

It really has been fun… But you know what? I’m ready for something SO.MUCH.MORE…


≪☮☽The Mojo†ribe ☾☮≫

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  1. I want to thank you for everything you have done here. While I am super sad that you won't be blogging anymore....just know that it meant a lot to me. <3

    1. Shannon - thank you so much for those words, so happy to hear from you... and PS... Whilst it is the end of MojoMade, it isn't the end of everything... Stay tuned xx

  2. Whilst I don't know what is "ahead" for you, I want you to know i'm feeling uber excited!!! Watch out world I say! Good luck beautiful one. Dream big and go out there and do your stuff!!! xx

  3. I love reading your posts because it's so obvious that you're a songwriter. Such eloquently constructed sentences. Looking forward to seeing what's next for you, beautiful x


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