Lust List with Gucci

I finally had a little time last weekend to catch up on some much needed escapism... into the word of Vogue. One of my fave things (when I get the time!!) is sitting in the sun with a glass of wine, magazine in one hand, iPad in the other. Flicking through the pages and then extending the paper trip into the world of online stores and blogs... Which generally ends in a wish list post like this one - haha.

Inspired by Ms Lana Del Rey and her rocking-ness of this glorious lilac Gucci number on the cover of October’s Vogue, I got a little excited looking at their new online store which has just launched in Australia. Since Gucci in general is *temporarily* out of my price range for spending - I've kindly made a lust-list from the store of all the things I love… And I invite you to add your own choices to the list to add what you're getting me for Christmas :)
*I say temporarily because I need a new guitar, a new couch, and I'm still waiting on that magic lotto ticket!*

So here's my Top 5 lust-haves from

Mmmm beat up leather - reminds of dusty desert nights - I neeeeed this.

Double strap - peep toe - suede heels. Oh yes.


With this little bi-fold wallet I couldn't choose between orange leather or yellow mustard. 
Yes I went with my staple fave colour! 

Honestly - made me giggle thinking about my pooch rockin' this when we get out on the road touring. I can see it now... We head back to Perth and at a get together with old friends all the other dogs are like...

"Wow Memphis, that's cool - never seen anything like it, what is it?"
"It's Gucci"
"Wow, I've heard about that in the movies - Sydney must be treating you well!"
"Yeah, I'm a total city dawg now. I'm looking at getting into acting, just got my portfolio together and hitting some agencies when I get back from this tour" 
"That's really cool - next stop Hollywood hey?"
Throwing her head back - like a middle aged Sydney socialite - Memphis laughs, then replies with a hint of cheeky mystique...
"We'll see guys, we'll see"

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  1. Those shoes are amazing, I would so love a pair (If I wasn't 5"11!)

    Sarah x


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