Sharpie Anything But Paper Challenge #1

 Sharpie Anything But Paper Challenge #1

The awesome peeps from Sharpie sent me a little care package full of textas and a baby canvas to create something for the Sharpie Anything But Paper Project and after a long night of colouring in, here's my final piece! 
The music playing in the background is a demo song I wrote a while back, called Love Don't Suit Me.

I love to make things... You may have guessed that by now *rolls eyes* And I love to make artworks that on first glance may not make sense but a closer look will reveal a story made from some kind of magic energy. I've always been enamored by the works of Salvador Dali and the surrealism movement - after all why would you want to live in the real world when you could disappear into the surreal?!
So when I say I'm just living out my 8-year-old-self's dream... I mean it literally. I spend my days making music, dressing up and colouring in.  I don't think it gets any better than this and I feel pretty lucky!

A blank canvas means anything is possible.
Sketching out some ideas

I especially love the flick-tip "brush" Sharpies that allow you to feather your strokes out more like a paintbrush. Genius!


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