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Photography by Blair on a Canon 7D

Bracelet: Sari Glassman @ Boticca   |   Cardi: Lola VS Harper @ Love of Eos   |   Wild Side Ring: Wild & Free Jewelry
 Tank: One Family   |   Skull Headband: DIY

Is that not just the coolest little bracelet ever? It's made by Sari Glassman who sells her customizable pieces on Boticca - the only place to find completely unique jewelry from all around the world. She'll make you whatever you want. 

I realised the other day that my go-to outfits for every day don't always get a look in here. You know, the things you always throw on when you don't have time to think. On any given day when I'm *working* from home, you'll generally find me wearing this One Family tank or the Lola VS Harper fringed bolero that I found in the back pages of a cute little online store Love of Eos

The tank is actually a men's singlet in XL and it lives on it's own special hook on the back of my wardrobe door - for easy access. It's what I throw on when I need to run for coffee in the morning or take Memphis out for a walk. And this stunning little velvet detailed bolero is perfect for the in between weather, it scrunches up to fit into any bag and adds the gypsy when there isn't any.

*Working refers to colouring in, playing guitar, sketching and finding inspiration

I tie-dye dip dyed my hair again, but it washed out so incredibly fast this time. Booo. 
I need to try the Colour Lock Shampoo - I used Fudge Paintbox Colours.


21 peeps said something:

  1. Oh wow I used paint box when I had bleached hair (a looooong time ago).

    Love that bracelet! So cute :)


    1. WAIT. You had bleaches hair? I must see pics!

  2. Love, love, love this outfit! So inspired and your hair looks GREAT! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Aww thanks - it's just my throw on but you know, sometimes they're the best :)

  4. Thanks so much - enjoy it! Thank you Boticca!

  5. fantastic look ;))

    new post !! :))

  6. You are so beautiful good work with the hair !!

  7. Such nice photos, I love your outfit to especially all your layered bracelets xx

    1. haha I wear them every day - some kind of warrior armour I guess lol

  8. i tried to do this and i looked like a crazy bird:/ i'll stick to my colour...btw i waaaant that head band *_* awwwwwwww

    1. Hahaha - love it :)
      I've got some very exciting new things coming to my online store and this headband may just be in there! x

  9. Aaah I love your style big time!! The dip dye looks so nice!
    I'll follow you!:)


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