DIY Sharpie Aztec Plate

I'm always looking for things to draw on. Most recently I took to a plate with a pattern and some Sharpies... Colouring in is something I find very therapeutic and relaxing, I think it stems from my addiction to constantly doing more than one thing at once. I think better that way. Anyways, on rainy days like these there's nothing better than brightening up your kitchenware with some art attack! So here's to a little weekend project for you to try out with things you probably already have at home.

  • A plain white ceramic, oven safe plate. I recommend a really cheap one as the glaze (if any) won't cause a barrier between your Sharpies and the plate.  I chose a large platter / serving plate so I can show off my colourful patterns next to cheese. Mmmm cheese.
  • A bunch of regular Sharpies in whatever colours you like
  • A pattern reference - I did a Google search for "Aztec Indian Pattern" or something similar
  • An oven to set your artwork

STEP 1. Start by roughly drawing the outline of where your pattern will go - the more freehand wobble, the better!

STEP 2. Draw your pattern, being careful not to smudge anything as it dries. I found that I needed to go over the black a few times to make it really clear and some of the colours came out better once I traced over them again.

STEP 3. Bake your plate at 180°C (Australia) or 350°F (US) for about 30 minutes to set the pattern. Let your plate cool in the oven before testing it under water.

TIPS. Each plate and oven will be different and you may find that some of the colours have faded. I would suggest baking it again, or possibly tracing over some of those faded colours and baking again. My blues faded to a green/grey colour and I coloured over the top ad re-baked. That worked fine!

AFTERCARE. Even though your Sharpie details will have set into the ceramic and won't rub off, I'd suggest washing your plate gently with a soft cloth and avoid dishwashers just in case. It just means you'll definitely get a long lasting design!

Check out this blog: DIYopolis for more answers to questions as they've gone over everything and hopefully if you have any problems you can find an answer here!

My pattern was inspired by the last little project I did with some Sharpies... This canvas kept me busy through the rainy nights last winter and now sits above the archway in my little home office - keeping me on my creative toes.

It reminds me that some good things take time and you don't always know what the end will be but to get there, you just have to start somewhere!!

Also, check out this little video I made with another Sharpie artwork and some of my music xx

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  1. So cool!

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  2. Oh my god this is so cute! I adore this idea! It's so original my dear! Definitely will try to do xx

  3. This is so cool! Definitely need to try this,possibly on a mug xo

  4. What a great idea! It looks great. Rachel x


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