2014 Astrology Forecast + Vision Boards

Whether you're into Astrology, the Zodiac, Tarot, Numerology, Chinese Horoscopes or any of the like - you're in for a courageous journey through 2014, so strap yourself in for a wild ride, this is a year of great awakening!

A little snippet of my own mood-board / vision-board for 2014. Mood boards are so great to actually do in real life (not just on Pinterest) because it's been proven that the physical aspect of collecting, cutting, placing, sticking of the images makes your brain start to recognise opportunities for those ideas to come to fruition. 2 years ago I made a vision board with a picture of the Hollywood sign and 3 weeks later my record label sent me to, you guessed it, Hollywood! It hadn't ever come up before and I had no idea how I was going to get to LA when I added the idea to my board, but then is appeared...

▲▲▲  WHAT'S HAPPENING IN 2014?  ▲▲▲

In Numerology the year 2014 is a 7 and is known as the year of the Horse in Chinese Astrology. Interestingly, the number 7 card of the Major Arcana in Tarot is represented by The Chariot, which in my favourite Tarot deck, The Wild Unknown, is pictured as a horse... Pretty rad, right?

The Chariot is all about courage and triumph through the control of willpower and determination, which is great insight to what this year is all about. 2014 will be a year that ambitions, beliefs and truths come through our emotions. Answers we seek about career and life purpose are more likely to arise from instinct rather than intellect or logic. We'll be challenged to look more deeply into our desires and to reevaluate our relationships. 

This is a year to face up to all those things you've been running from and trying to sweep under the rug. But don't worry, the Universe has got your back! During the first half of the year we'll see a rise in revolution, rebellion, and innovation; but remember that is the kind of environment where minds awaken and ambitions are intensified. So, being proactive and involved in all this chaos (personal or not) is more likely to produce a desirable outcome than trying to duck this cosmic tsunami. It's a chance for you to allow the waters of change to wash over you, and with your knowledge of how to get through it this time, go with the flow. 

Do you kind of feel like you've been through a similar phase or situation before, but this time you know how to deal with the people, the places, the business etc? It's a full circle kind of time at the moment where a lot of us are re-visiting old lessons and now have the choice to fumble or to spread our wings and fly!

Being a number 7 in numerology means that July will be a pretty amazing and pivotal month for everyone. A bolder attitude emerges when generous Jupiter enters outgoing Leo in July. With Jupiter hanging in the fire sign for the following 12 months, our creativity and self expression will be encouraged, showing us insights to our own meaning of life through love and play.

Being flexible and open are the best ways to reduce stress and increase chances for making profound discoveries and since this will be a year of great self discovery (if you let it) this is good advice for anyone that's looking inwards for insight. 

So why don't you start printing those pictures from your Pinterest boards, cut up your old magazines and get a little frame or pin-board to collage an awesome vision for the year ahead... And make 2014 the year you do more of what makes you happy.

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  1. You do know my lucky number is 7.. my whole world is connected to 7's.. this is exciting.

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  2. Indeed it's a detailed astrology forecast. Though I believe that wearing a mens chains is lucky and makes your day superb. Let me know what do you think about this.


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