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In six weeks, I'll be in Bali! I'm escaping the wintery fate of my August 21st birthday with my new Triangl bikini and hanging out with the people closest to me: my family and besties. Lucky for me, we all live in different cities of Australia so convincing everyone to meet in the tropics was easy!

So, in my Bali dreaming haze I've discovered this gorgeous little app called The Bali Bible, which has some great ideas for destinations, accommodation, restaurants, day trips, even weddings - you name it, it's all here. If you've never been, or just want some new ideas, this is a great place to start.

The incredibly beautiful island of Bali has come a long way in the eyes of travellers since the last time I was there a few years ago and sure has changed a lot since I was a teenager. And thankfully, so have I.  This trip is going to be something different, because I'm someone different. My perspective is all new and I'm excited to see the view from here...

Being a bit of a contradictory traveller who sits somewhere between pool-side cocktails and meditation, I'm looking for adventure mixed with celebration and a side of down time, exploring paths I haven't walked before… I'm piecing together some ideas for my trip and if there's anything you'd like to know about Bali, feel free to leave me a comment below so I can add your thoughts to the mix.

And no, I won't be getting my bali braids did.

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