The Story Of.

It's not often that I come across a label that makes me sick. 
So much the epitome of my own personal style that I actually get annoyed. (Well, annoyed with excitement!)
Do you ever get that?? Maybe I'm just weird. Haha

But seriously, the 2012 fall / winter collection from The Story Of is simply epic.

The way I choose to express myself bends the spectrum of desire, happiness, love, sadness, cheekiness, and blinding darkness... I could go on forever... My music and personal style is very much that - personal. I like to make things my own. I'm not gonna do something how you're 'supposed to' do it just because someone else told you to tell me to do it that way. There's enough of that in the world.
I'm on my own trip thankyouverymuch.

And so, along comes this collection (I counted 116 individual pieces!!) from The Story Of - which is born from the diversely rich culture and heritage of tropical Bali by the stunning and creatively blessed Kukuh Zuttion.

Mind = Blown.

If you're into the whole vibe of creative music and fashion...
A gyspy rock 'n' roller with moody undertones of old school class and a cheeky, 
rebellious ticket to the wild side...
Then I insist you go and lose yourself at their website:
I honestly wish I could just post EVERY piece up here.

Remember this little TSO bodysuit post
I've been rockin' it a bit lately as the weather cools down here in Sydney.
(But with a maxi, not short shorts! hehe)

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8 peeps said something:

  1. Love the clothes. Definitely a good inspiration for the upcoming spring :)

  2. oh yeah that du champ shirt dress looks perfect x

  3. wow, really gorgeous collection/creations!

  4. So pretty!


  5. This is a great post, I love it!

    Xo, Imke

  6. love all of these outfits. :)

  7. I absolutely love these outfits ! The Voyage Kimono is a must-have !




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