The New Penny Lane: Festival Season Style

Music is magic. It moves people. It changes us. It connects us at some Prehistoric level and like the true life “band-aid” style icons of today and days gone by (Anita Pallenberg, Kate Moss, Renee Zellwegger) Miss Penny Lane from Almost Famous has gone down in history as Royalty of Rock N Roll. Isn’t it incredible that a character from a movie could be so palpable that she can actually be the reference to an entire time and feeling in music? Cameron Crowe sure is an expert at creating moments and sending them right off a screen and into your heart.

I remember seeing the preview for Almost Famous and thinking “THAT is my MOVIE!”. And it is. It always will be, because us music-loving-girls can’t get enough of the magic in that moment. The moment when the first notes ring out from the stage into a crowd of people who are completely enchanted by of all this energy. And Penny Lane is like the essence of it all. The vulnerability weaving in tune with the music, the strength of the beat, the vivacious rhythms and the free spirit of the melody...

So here’s to my music loving belles; a little inspiration for the festival seasons in both music and fashion xx

The New Penny Lane


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  1. Love this look! I especially love round sunnies.

    1. Yup I'm obsessed with big oversized round sunglasses at the moment :) x


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