Fashion Sketches & My Personal Croquis

I just came across the original sketches for the MojoMade Summer '11 Capsule Collection that I designed for Azuki last year - thought I'd share a little fashion design from my folio :) These are my fave every day kinda pieces - simple layers and silhouettes.

This little croquis has been good to me over the past few years and I use her for all of my design sketches. She's got some serious attitude and sass, a mysterious pout, loves a messy top knot and has killer legs (and clearly LOVES that cross necklace haha). Starting with pencil and paper then scanned into my Mac, I layer colours, textures and materials for final designs via Photoshop.

Going through all this old design stuff feels like reading a diary entry from a year ago... Makes me realize how much I've grown in every aspect of my life. There's nothing like a good spring clean out to get you re-energized!!

Question for you...
What are you cleaning out of your life's closet this spring?

PS - Please don't steal my original design sketches x


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