Easter Special: Salted Caramel Hazelnut + Sour Cherry Ripe NATURAL Chocolate!

April 15, 2014

Wait. WHAAAA? This is natural chocolate? Clean-eating? PALEO? Yes. Yes it is.

Easter has always been one of my favourite times of the year because for me it was always about chocolate - DUH! I was the only child in the family (and I mean only child, I didn't even have cousins!) and I had the most generous, big-hearted grand-mother who still treated it like there were 5 kids running around. So every Easter I would look forward to the MASSIVE Easter basket she would put together for me. The giant chocolate egg filled with smarties, a couple of big Easter Bunnies, trays of mid-size and bags of small chocolate eggs.
It's bloody lucky I was doing dancing and acrobatics 3 days a week because I have NO IDEA how I wasn't a fat little kid.

Anyways, cut to now, when I'm merging my lifestyle towards a clean-eating approach and I've realised I am totally addicted to chocolate. And lollies. And ice-cream. And anything sweet (thanks Gran). So what to do when I'm in the middle of not wanting to eat processed foods but still wanta-da-chocolate?!

Enter Salted Caramel + Hazelnut, with a side of Sour Cherry Ripe NATURAL CHOCOLATE. 
No really. No reeeeaaalllyyyyyy.

I just threw this stuff together after buying some gorgeous organic produce at my local farmers market (I'm like totes hippy-holistica now), and I was pretty excited about the result, so I wanted to share with you! I make my chocolate with cacao wafers and rapadura sugar, which is available as a 'chocolate making pack' on the Changing Habits Website.  You should check it out and find similar ingredients if you can't get this.

I'm pretty lax with measurements, so you can use this as a rough guide and just do what feels right.

For 2 slabs about 17cm x 12cm big, I used 175g of cacao wafers and made the chocolate to that ratio, splitting the whole mix in half to make the 2 different types of chocolate slabs.


Natural chocolate made with the Changing Habits Chocolate Making Pack
5-8 pitted medjool dates soaked in water for an hour
1+1/2 TBSP organic coconut milk (more if you want it)
1/2 tsp water (more if needed)
1/2 tsp organic vanilla extract
Handful of hazelnuts, roughly crushed
Pinch of salt: Changing Habits Seaweed Salt or Himalayan Salt

1. Wiz the dates, coconut milk, water, vanilla extract and salt in a food processor until you get an ooey-gooey-amazeballs-caramel for the filling.
(I did mine in my Nutribullet - oh yeah!! But you could do with a hand-wizer / blender) 

2. Pour just enough chocolate for a bottom layer into a tray mold - I used the lid of a Tupperware container with al-foil lining.

3. Spread your gooey caramel mix as best you can - I just broke off chunks and smooshed it down.

4. Sprinkle half the hazelnuts over the caramel

5. Pour the rest of the chocolate over for a top layer

6. Sprinkle with the rest of the hazelnuts

7. Refrigerate until set!


Natural chocolate made with the Changing Habits Chocolate Making Pack
100g dried sour cherries
40g desiccated coconut for filling + extra if you like it
1/2 tsp organic cold pressed coconut oil

1. Wiz the cherries, coconut and coconut oil in a food processor / Nutribullet / blender

2. Pour just enough chocolate for a bottom layer into a tray mold

3. Sprinkle a layer of coconut (I used lots coz I love it!)

3. Spread your cherry mix over the chocolate

4. Spread more coconut!

5. Top layer of chocolate, GO!

6. Refrigerate - or if you put it in the freezer it'll be ready in no time!

And as for my massive chocolate stash as a kid - don't worry, I didn't eat it it all! Each year I would take a bunch of chocolates around my street and give away the rest to the other kids.

Dressed as the Easter Bunny.
But with a leotard and tap shoes.
My Mum must have always been so embarrassed!

Blue Jean Baby, LA Lady

April 13, 2014

I've always been pretty good at manifesting things into my life, like when I put a vision board together with a picture of the Hollywood sign and 3 weeks later my record label sent me there - totally out of the blue - say whaaaa?! Well, these last few weeks I've been getting a little more serious about it - you know, taking note of what I'm thinking about and seeing where it shows up…

It's usually around this time of the year, as it cools down, when I realise I just don't have enough pairs of jeans. And I always flirt with the idea of blue jeans but always end up with another pair of black?! So, I've had my eye out for a pair of just-the-right-wash blue jeans (I'm super fussy). Anyways, like all the other music-lovin-gypsy-rollers down here in rainy Australia, I've been dreaming a lot about Coachella and how I SO WISH I WAS THERE.

And what should happen? Well, these most incredible Mavi Jeans should enter my life! And what is this most perfect blue denim wash called, you ask? Coachella, of course. Ha! (Double points that even though I'm a short-ass, they're actually the right length! Never happens.) So then, as I was in my little cave of crystals this week, making samples for my next collection (YES this harness is arriving very soon) I was super chuffed to see on instagram that a couple of you gorgeous supporters up in the US were planning to wear pieces of my MojoMade Elemental Collection to Coachella! Woo!

So, on this rainy Sunday in Sydney whilst everyone is sleeping in California after the second night of the festival, I know at least a little of my energy made it there through my crystals and technically, in these Mavi's, you could say I was IN Coachella.

Nice to see the universe has a sense of humour.
I think I need to work a little harder on this manifesting thing.

O U T F I T   D E E T S

+ 'Jessy' MAVI Jeans in dark Coachella wash
+ Coolest cardi ever by Free People
+ Crystal Harness made by me and coming soon to my online store
[Want a pre-order code? 'Subscribe' below to get exclusive pre-sale shiz from MojoMade]

Flashback Friday: Touring with Newton Faulkner

April 11, 2014

Nothing really describes 'on the road' like being on tour with your music.  When all you've got is a guitar and a suitcase full of songs (my suitcase is also filled with loop pedals and crystals, conveniently padded out with clothing fit for a gypsy-roller), playing to crowds of people every night and jamming backstage with the temporary family of misfits who've joined the tour.

My favourite tour I've been a part of was happening this time last year when I hit the road with UK deadlocked darling Newton Faulkner. You know him, he looks like he could be a metal guy but sings songs like dream catch me, dream catch me when I faaaaall… *Interesting side note; Newton smells like flowers and is the best hugger I've ever encounter, even better than the free hugs guy.

Anyways, we hit the road just as my Borrowed & Blue EP was released and I was lucky enough to play to his awesomely supportive and open hearted sold-out crowds all around Australia. We'd known each other for a few years already which always made the Sydney-leg of his Australian tours the one-to-remember. Of course, extending those up-till-breakfast-after-a-show-jams out over 9 shows and 4 states - well lets just say the after-tour-blues lasted a laaaaawg time after this one.

I blogged about it all while it was happening here.
Hope we can do it again sometime.

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