It All Started With a Spark

Early 2011. 
My boyfriend and I had just uprooted our lives in Perth and moved to Sydney where I was working on what was to be my first major label music release after signing a worldwide record deal with Sony…

It’s 11pm, midweek. He comes home from work and I’m sitting on the floor of our studio loft apartment, surrounded by bits of cut up fabric and disassembled pieces of jewelry. I’m wearing a full length dress, some crazy harness thing I just made and a feather headdress from the $2 shop. I pull out a pack of sparklers and a little old Canon digital camera circa 2007 (remember them?).

“Blair, we’re going to the park and your going to take pictures of me with these sparklers. 
I’m starting a fashion blog.”

“A what??”

The space between then and now has expanded and changed so much with my perspective over time, but one thing is for sure – that fire is back, burning bright in my belly. And I’m pretty sure that Blair gets scared of coming home late if the lights are still on – he never knows what’s waiting for him inside, but hey, neither do I!

Images taken from the first blogpost on MojoMade, February 12, 2011

≪☮☽The Mojo†ribe ☾☮≫

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