The Full Moon | Why Should We Care?

It's almost time for the full moon, which will take place in all it's glory this tomorrow Saturday October 19th. The mystical time when the gravitational pull of the Earth and the moon changes the tides and all the crazies come out to play! During this magnetic moment, the Sun and Moon are in opposite Zodiac signs so it's a super charged time, but also one of total balance. The solar yang and the lunar yin are in harmony...

How can the full moon affect us?
During a full moon, the energies around our planet are changed and are at their peak of gravitational pressures. The moon pulls at the Earth and the Earth fights it's pull. The only thing that the Earth can't hold onto is water, hence the changes in tides and atmospheric pressures.

The full moon is a powerful time to release, 
cast out and unburden yourself... Like a new birth with the new moon. People all over the world have performed ceremonies and rituals under the full moon for centuries, in order to harness the magnetic energy at this time. 

How the full moon affects me.
 When I was a toddler, I would randomly experience excruciating leg pains that would leave me in uncontrollable crying episodes. Each time it happened and after trying many things to calm me, my Mum would sometimes take me outside. She would point to the moon and I remember that in her arms, under the beautiful canopy of stars and light - I would feel a soothing calmness. 

Years went on like this and one night when I was about 16, trying to hold back tears from the pain and complaining that my legs were hurting again, my Mum randomly said, "I bet it's a full moon. Go outside and have a look". So I did, and it was. 

I didn't understand the correlation but she said she noticed that over the years, when she would take me outside it always seemed to be a full moon. It became a bit of a running joke - that I was so much of a 'lunatic' that I'd be that obviously affected by the full moon. And now, every once in a while when my legs hurt, I am still surprised to note that it's a full moon.

A few months back when the blue moon of August was approaching, I was working on the lookbook images of the MojoMade Elemental Collection with my friend-in-crystal-mysticism, Roxy. We were talking about the full moon and cleansing crystals and as I finished telling her my little story about sore legs and the full moon, an email and article link popped up on my phone from my Mum.

"Interesting article on the blue moon tomorrow night, are your legs hurting?!"

Now that I am working so closely with Quartz Crystals that I cleanse under both solar and lunar light - I need to plan ahead for the full moon and I use a great little FREE iPhone / iPad App to keep track called Moon Phase. I realised a month ago that I'd be in Perth at the moment and had a new batch of crystals imported to my Mum's house so they can be cleansed in the Indian ocean, bask in the West Australian solar and lunar energies.

The next batch of Elemental Collection crystal pieces will be posted out on November 1st so if you'd like your own piece - order here before October 28th.

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