Byron Bay Revalations

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Taking a trip to Byron Bay was exactly what I needed. I knew it even before I got there. You wouldn't believe the amount of little signs that were popping up in the weeks leading up to our 5 day mini-break in the northern New South Wales coastal corner. Signs in conversations, encounters with strangers and tarot readings - signs that were screaming at me loud and clear - YOU NEED TO CHILL OUT FOR A BIT.

So my main man and I managed to fit a little mini-break between the Byron Bay and Melbourne gigs on the 3 Borrowed Minds National Tour of Australia with Jordan Millar and Dave Di Marco. So my tour of the country with guitar, looping pedal, songs and a suitcase full of crystals may have come to an end, but the magical revelations and epiphanies that joined me on the road are securely cemented into my being. Leaving me only with a feeling of freedom and wholeness...

I feel I have been waiting my whole life for this moment - where the dreams and curiosity of a child, the frivolity and artistic naivety of a teenager and the hard work of a young adult come together to form a moment in time... This moment, where it's all one big adventure. This moment, that I can take anywhere with me, anytime and in any way like.

A moment that can live forever, because it's a mind-set.

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  1. That sounds so great! I am glad that you were able to re-prioritize a little bit.

    1. Huge re-prioritising... Or just adjusting my perception - whichever way you look at it, it's magical :)

  2. the print on your pants is so cool!


  3. awesome pants, and yes, a trip to byron, or any beach is always relaxing.

  4. Awesome ouffit and pictures! Found you on instagram and now I am here :-)


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