FLASH SALE | The Elemental Ring

The Elemental Ring is the first born creation that spawned my little jewellery making adventure. Hand-made with naturally-mined quartz crystals from Brazil - each ring is completely unique and conveniently adjustable. The Elemental Collection comprises of four main coloured Quartz crystals, representing the universal elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water

My crystals are cleansed in the Australian Coastal waters to rid them of any negative energies, then bathed in the sunlight and each month, the full moon - to balance them with equal solar and lunar energies. When you receive your crystals, you will also receive information on the mystical powers your type of crystal holds and how you can program them to vibrate with your own energies.

Since working with these incredible little gems, many doors of perception have been cleansed and many wild dreams have floated into my reality. Exciting stuff really, this Earthly, cosmic magic.


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  1. These are so gorgeous - I really want one! xo

  2. You can grab one in my online store: http://etsy.me/mojomade
    There's lots more to choose from too :)


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