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That time I was on a t-shirt in ZARA stores worldwide...

Cost of starting a fashion blog: $0
Crappy 2007 digital camera to take photo: $150
Cost of shirt in Zara: $35
Fact I was so broke that I didn't have enough on my Mastercard to buy the shirt with my face on it?

Chloe Ting  |  Rochelle Fox  |  Emma Lucey  |  Steph Kramer  |  Me

That time I walked the Runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney...

15 year old Morgan: "Well, I'm never going to be tall enough to be a runway model so I can't choose modelling as my career path..."

(Coz you know, that's the reason I'm not a runway model...)

That time MTV Style Labelled me Genius...

Me: "OMG - MTV Style New York said I was genius!"

My boyfriend: "Are you sure they weren't being sarcastic?"

≪☮☽The Mojo†ribe ☾☮≫

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  1. nice post.
    love your blog,
    can't wait for your new post.


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