My Feature With Free People!

Free People Wide Leg Pants   |   Free People Fringe Top   |   Spell & The Gypsy Collective Crystal Cuff + Crucifix Ring   |   Crystal Ring + Leather Armband + Tine Necklace + Crystal Headpiece all MojoMade

I am SO excited and honoured to be featured with an interview on the Free People Blog!  
Free People is hands down my most favourite store / label / thing that there is. Just looking at their online store makes me feel like a kid on a sugar high, with a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocoloate Factory.
Stoned Immaculate.

When I was about 16, in amongst my many journal writings, I remember promising myself that I would always search for freedom. At the time I just knew that one day I would be free. Not that didn't feel free-spritited already, just that I knew life would give me a whole lot more to work with as time went on and that I would just know when I was in it for good.

At this moment. Featured on Free People. Symbolic, me thinks.

Back then I promised that I'd get a tattoo on my back saying "Free" in the Coca Cola font.

oh gawd… yeah… nah… this is way better than that!


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