The Effects of Leopard Print

We all know the saying ‘a leopard cant change its spots, which a little research will show originated from an ancient Greek proverb: "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?" But if Michael Jackson and Le Tan have taught us anything, it's that we CAN change the colour of our skin... So it got me thinking... I wonder what else we can change? And that got me thinking how, in order to change things about yourself you've gotta hack into your subconscious, and THAT lead me to some very interesting thoughts on the psychology of animal print… So, happy reading :)

Apparently, when we see Leopard print (or any pattern of a human predator; like tiger etc) it triggers an instinctual fear within our subconscious – something that’s left over from the prehistoric times in our brains. Crazy right? It happens so quick that we don’t even notice it – so we go about styling our leopard print and innocently take it out into the world...

Then, when an unsuspecting guy sees us in all our leopard print glory it triggers his instinctual “inner caveman” to ‘keep an eye on that predator girl’ which in turn, makes him look at you a whole lot more… Of course, allowing him to see how awesome you really are now that you've got his attention. OR it makes him run for the hills, choosing the flight option of the fight or flight mode, in which case he ain't worth your time anyways. 

I can imagine a 1950's TV infomercial: 
"Thanks Leopard print, for showing me exactly what kind of a man he is, based on the pre-historic subconscious instincts that were triggered when I wore this!"

*image from getty images
▲▲ 1971 Tiger print flight attendant's uniform for National Airlines in the US▲▲
 I bet this was the airline of choice for any business man secretly wishing he was James Bond haha

ANYWAYS, I just think its pretty fascinating how much is going on in our subconscious mind and how much it affects what we do while we don’t even know we’re doing it! So next time you're donning a little leopard print, you'll probably think a little more about what you're not saying.

And that's why I love fashion - it says everything we don't.

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  1. you look amazing! <3

  2. Michael Jackson showed us that we can change our skin color? Really? Hot ass mess


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