The Essence of Life is Change

Sometimes you don't know what change is going to come.
Or when it will happen.
Maybe you think you've done everything you can to change things, but nothing happens at all.
Maybe you avoid change altogether and run the away if it's likely.
Or maybe you search for it.

One thing is for sure though, the essence of life is change.
Nothing is certain.
There is no "road to follow".
No could's, would's, should's.
There is only now and which way you choose to be in this moment.

 Nothing that the world tells you to be true is any kind of truth other than what you make of it. Ya dig?
You have all the answers inside of you.

Just listen.
Slow down.
And listen.

You know it's in there.

Good luck x

*Images in the above collage were collected from Google Images + Pinterest

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  1. This post + the last on change and intuition are so inspiring. I'm in a similar spot... not knowing what is coming and trying to let go and let things fall into place. So thank you! Love your words.


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