The Secret to MojoMade Crystal Jewellery

I thought it was about time I explained the unique cleansing process I do with all the gorgeous crystals that go into my handmade MojoMade Jewellery pieces in The Elemental Collection… Because it's the secret behind my crystals being so beautifully energetic!

Crystals are becoming more and more popular in jewellery, no doubt because of the positive energies they transmit (whether you are aware or not), and whilst some people may think my jewellery is just-another-crystal-jewellery-collection, this is what makes MojoMade different …

I design and hand-make all the pieces. From cleansing, to choosing the 'right' crystals, to wire-wrapping and packaging. Each little jewellery piece arrives personalised with information about the energies contained in the crystals and how you can program these beauties to magnify your awesomeness even more!

The Quartz crystals used in MojoMade collections are naturally mined in Brazil and are prepared through a hands-on ‘illuminating’ process, completely unique to MojoMade. I cleanse each crystal in ocean waters to dispel any negative energies, no matter where I am in the world (different batches have been cleansed in NSW coastal waters, West Australian waters and the island waters of Vanuatu and New Caledonia). The crystals are also bathed in sunlight to absorb bright, solar energy and laid under a full moon to be charged with creative lunar energy - forming a special balance for each new keeper to absorb.

In the MojoMade Elemental Collection, each colour group of crystals represents a different element of the Zodiac [Earth, Fire, Air, Water] and pieces are packaged with full information on what types of energies the crystals hold. I'm currently working with Quartz Crystals and the four Zodiac elements, but will soon be expanding to include other incredible crystals and more cosmic aspects… but all will be revealed when the time is right :)

Choose your own crystals in the MojoMade Online Etsy Store.

 I'll be writing more about crystals, what they can bring to you and why I'm working with them in coming blog posts so I would LOVE to hear your questions about why, how, what for and whatever!

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