Sunday Designer Choices

Which one?
What a crazy feeling it is to have to choose WHICH of your own designed singlets you should wear?
I'm now a nationally stocked fashion designer.
Pinch me.
Time for a Sunday drink!!

Hope you had a great weekend
Mojo x

"Struggle Tank" available through my online store and on the Azuki website
(Check out info on me designing and working with the gorgeous Austraian brand Azuki HERE)

4 peeps said something:

  1. you have agreat blog..i just found out..well done for being a designer!!!! i love the black one i would wear it all day...:)

  2. Thanks! I've worn both now not sure which is my fave yet :) Will have to keep wearing and styling them up! haha

  3. I also love the dark one! Great job!)


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