Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Seafood and cocktails on the beach in Jimbaran Bay, Bali. 
Watching the sunset, live music in the warm breeze... You really can't get much better than this.

Dress: Bamboo Blonde, Bali
Blue Cuff: Lotus Mendes

7 peeps said something:

  1. Oh you've made me desperately need a bright summer dress and a holiday at the beach!!

  2. You are so pretty !!!! Beautiful dress !


  3. wonderful pictures !
    i like your hair x

  4. Such amazing photo's! I love Bali and the beaches there are breathtaking. You are one lucky girl!


  5. The seafood there is indeed amazing almost as good as your shoot ;-) Too bad we didn't get to meet when you were here.

    Maybe one day when back in Sydney ;-)

  6. Thanks so much for commenting everyone :)
    Bjorn sorry we didn't get to meet up too! Defs keep in touch and next time you're here in Sydney we'll catch up :)

    Beaches and food in Bali are incredible - ALMOAST as good as my hometown Perth :) hehe


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