October Photo a Day Challenge | Week 1

 This is such a cool idea thanks to Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. I know there's lots of 'photo-a-day-challenges' making the rounds, but this is the best I've seen - So I'm in!

 Join me and tag #fmsphotoaday on instagram @morganjoanel

DAY 1 | Where I stood
Rushcutters Bay, my backyard

DAY 2 | Lunchtime
Mmmm... Healthyness.

DAY 3 | This happened today
Sketching out some rough ideas for a Sharpie / Anything But Paper project

DAY 4 | What I read
A little Australian 'history' with Who...
A couple of articles from this gloriously fantastic psychology book
And my Zite. My beloved Zite. If you don't have this app - you MUST get it.

DAY 5 | Shadow
Catching dreams in the Laguana Room


DAY 6 | I'm thankful for...
Memphis. The pooch-poser who makes me laugh everyday.
Clearly she can play both stoned and Asian - so versatile!

DAY 7 | Light
Creating voodoo magic on a Sunday eve. This is my workspace.
A head-space full of fire.


2 peeps said something:

  1. I love the fat mum slim photo a day challenges! I did some in the summer, but this month I'm away for the last 2 weeks so don't know if I'll be able to post my pictures... Love your sharpie ideas! xo

  2. I missed the first few days but Im giving it a go too, you can find me at misssarahrachel_ xx


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