Flashback Friday: Touring with Newton Faulkner

Nothing really describes 'on the road' like being on tour with your music.  When all you've got is a guitar and a suitcase full of songs (my suitcase is also filled with loop pedals and crystals, conveniently padded out with clothing fit for a gypsy-roller), playing to crowds of people every night and jamming backstage with the temporary family of misfits who've joined the tour.

My favourite tour I've been a part of was happening this time last year when I hit the road with UK deadlocked darling Newton Faulkner. You know him, he looks like he could be a metal guy but sings songs like dream catch me, dream catch me when I faaaaall… *Interesting side note; Newton smells like flowers and is the best hugger I've ever encounter, even better than the free hugs guy.

Anyways, we hit the road just as my Borrowed & Blue EP was released and I was lucky enough to play to his awesomely supportive and open hearted sold-out crowds all around Australia. We'd known each other for a few years already which always made the Sydney-leg of his Australian tours the one-to-remember. Of course, extending those up-till-breakfast-after-a-show-jams out over 9 shows and 4 states - well lets just say the after-tour-blues lasted a laaaaawg time after this one.

I blogged about it all while it was happening here.
Hope we can do it again sometime.

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