The Best Things Come in Three's

Have you ever noticed that a LOT of things come in three's? Like the fairy godmother's in Sleeping Beauty; The Three Little Pigs, Three Piece Suits, Three Blind Mice, Hanson… And lets get serious here on the most AMAZEBALLS thing that come in a three, count it with me:
1. Salted 2. Caramel 3. Cheesecake

So, I think it's pretty safe to assume that along with this Fresco Mini Skirt, everything from Australian label Three of Something would be freakin' awesome! And I do think that's something I've been proving with my ongoing love affair with the label via outfit posts of prints that remind me of my childhood, bold fit-for-a-mermaid colours and all things pretty white lace. In fact, I even wore aforementioned mermaid-tail-top in the video clip for my music single The Last High.

When I was nine years old, I learned this trick where you take 3 photos of yourself in different poses, then you get the film printed (woah - remember the 90's?!). THEN you cut out two of your figures and lay them on top of the last in-tact photo. THEN you take a photo of the photo and it's supposed to look like there's 3 of you.  LONGEST form of photoshop-editing ever and most expensive since you had to go through two rolls of film just to get one picture haha. 

Anyways, I took this to a whole new level, dressing in different outfits and posing like I was having conversations - but you never knew if it was going to work and line up until the second lot of film was developed. I had expensive creative tastes from a young age, my Mum always said it was lucky I was an only child.

Yeah, clearly an only child that wanted sisters! #OnlyChildProblems

Then again, I was totally obsessed with Sweet Valley Twins.
I always thought I was a perfect mixture of Jessica and Elizabeth.
And I started my own Unicorn Club.

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  1. sweet valley books were certainly awesome :D I like Baby Sitters Club too. Your skirt is cool, love the pattern :D

    1. I was so obsessed with SVT, I didn't dare venture to Baby Sitters Club haha :)

  2. You look gorgeous! I love your bracelets xo

  3. 1. That mini is beautiful!
    2. I wanted sisters and got 4 brothers, haha.
    3. OMG a unicorn club. I would have joined that.

    1. Hahaha maybe I should start a new Unicorn Club?! x


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