It's All Happening...

To quote Penny Lane from Almost Famous,

"It's all happening…"

...and boy is it ever! I'm finding it a littler harder than expected to keep up with blogging through this moment in time, so I apologise! I have so many ideas and images and blog-posts ready to go, I just literally haven't had the chance to get them up!

I've been handing myself over to the flow of creative magic for the past 2 weeks and it's turning these wild-wonder-dreams into a new kind of reality. All sorts of exciting things are about to be announced, launched and revealed - starting this week…

So for now, here's a little snapshot of my life over the past few weeks!
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Pretty much my life summed up: Music, crystals and coconuts! 
Making a little something for my solo show at The Beresford last Thursday.

 Acai bowl for brunch at Earth to Table, Bondi hanging with the gorgeous Steph from Watermelon Crush. We are always chatting all things Paleo and clean eating and it's so refreshing to look at a menu and know you can eat absolutely everything on it without having to think. If you haven't been, you MUST go. You'll be incredibly impressed that all this stuff is good for you!

Yes! There are some big things coming with MojoMade Jewellery, stay tuned...

Smashed my phone! But made it into something pretty with Sharpie markers - super cute DIY idea whilst you're waiting out your contract!

Office view. Too pretty not to share.

My assistant Memphis.
 Backstage with this hottie of a guy after my show at The Beresford on Thursday night.
Lucky little lady in the City of Light.

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