Full Moon in Pisces: September 8th 2014

Some of my Monday morning Pisces manadala artwork, follow me on instagram for more

As I’m working more with astrology, crystals, tarot and general awareness, I’m finding it all useful in so many more aspects of my life, from business to how I create art, making big decisions, my approach to wellness, travel and meeting kindred spirits… So, in light of that I thought it epically important to share what is happening with the full moon tonight, September 8, 2014.
(Actually, it’s technically at 11:30am tomorrow morning, but you’ll get the best view tonight.)

Below is my personal interpretation of what’s going on for us with the full moon in Pisces. Instead of regurgitating technical information from astrology sites - which can get really confusing - I’ve interpreted everything I’ve read, seen, heard and felt around this full moon. At the end of the post you’ll find some links of the people and blogs that speak to me the most, so if you want to find out more information, I suggest you take a look at them for deeper info!


This full moon is in the water sign of Pisces, coupled with the comet Chiron. Themes are authenticity, sensitivity, deep healing, change and ultimately the embracing of the feminine energies. The underlying tone at the moment, individually and as a whole, surrounds authenticity and we’re noticing all sorts of questions and choices coming up…

Who are we really?
Does our life reflect what we really want?
And ultimately, we’re asking: What is it that I really want?

Pisces is a deep sign of vast consciousness, with emotional and receptive traits. Some would say it’s the most sensitive of all the Zodiac signs, so having the full moon in Pisces opens up our collective sensitivity and awareness of our place in everything, and raises questions about authenticity in our lives.

This heightened sense of sensitivity can come in the form of blissed out awareness and happiness, or crying over the smallest of things. You could be feeling the joy in every magical moment or the weight of sadness from the world. All in all, that sensitivity is the gift that Pisces brings, so now’s your chance to go a little deeper (even if it’s difficult) for the rewards will be ever-lasting!

Chiron gives us the chance to deal with very old wounds, maybe even back to childhood, and can unearth stuff we didn’t even know was there, or chose to ignore. It could get a little heavy, but if you’re really looking for authenticity you probably need to change a few things in order to realign with your true self. Now is your chance to do it whilst riding the beautiful flow of Pisces, and deal with those things once and for all. It’s time to re-frame your perspective and let go of repressed angers, old hurts and addictions to behaviours that no longer serve us.

Healing yourself should be your first priority with this full moon, because Pisces brings strong feminine energies to the forefront of our consciousness. Owning and nurturing what makes us feel truly happy in our lives, and committing to it, is one of the keys to mastering the strength of feminine energy. It’s about honouring the sacred, creative and nurturing side which ultimately brings a calm and quiet strength – instead of that loud kind of strength that basically drowns out all of the beautiful little details in life.

Take a look at Mystic Mamma for an incredible collection of beautiful astral readings, if you've enjoyed and related to my post, you'll find even more there. Light some candles, run a bath and relax into whatever this gorgeous full moon in Pisces is calling you to heal. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow, this explains a lot. I've been feeling this weird energy since the full moon. Just like you said some things from the past just drained out of nowhere and I'm trying to deal with them now. My senses are hightened and there are so many feelings and emotions that I experience. Thank you for this post because it was just what I needed.


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