The Catalyst is in The Eye of The Storm

Something magical happened when I saw this image, it anchored me. 

Like it jumped out of the screen and I was pulled right into it all at the same time. It's part of the latest campaign for Mara Hoffman, "Without a Dark Sky, We Would Never See The Stars". I can't even tell you how deeply I feel that and everything about this campaign right now. You see, the moment I saw this picture, I realised I had actually been spinning. Isn’t it strange how you can be totally oblivious to what’s happening until something stops you dead in your tracks and you get the chance to take a look around? And to think that an image could speak so powerfully to someone, that it could encapsulate such an energy to be the catalyst for a whole new version of life... Well that is true art, which speaks for itself... But here's a few thoughts anyway... :)

This month has been a total storm for me... 
I told the Universe I was ready to handle what I needed in order to create this thing I'm piecing together, and as usual, the Universe delivered with it's beautifully forceful, unravelling, disintegrating, empowering force.  I guess the lessons you need just don't always come in the easiest or nicest of ways...

So this storm came out of nowhere and each little burst of lightning was unpredictable, the thunder caught me off guard every time and then there were fires to put out all over the place. All in all it was really getting me kind of annoyed! I was all like ‘seriously though, I’m not a firefighter – I’ve been chasing rainbows and singing tunes around the campfire - can’t someone else deal with this shit?’ Which of course is a pretty good reason for a storm to arrive – it’s like someone’s saying ‘Oh really Morgan? You think you’ve got everything sorted and smooth and dealt with? OK – lets see how you deal with this!’

Ahhhh… Classic Universe, always throwing curve balls.

So, something I’ve found in constantly taking risks and growing into big dreams, is that life really isn’t about avoiding storms, it’s about accepting the storms when they arrive. Coz they will.

You can easily spend all your time spinning, trying to keep your head above water, hoping that this time you’ll make it through the chaos. But it’s like this: true clarity comes from stillness, and the only stillness in a storm is right in the centre of it all. See, the real trick is knowing that every storm has an eye, and that finding the eye of the storm is the key... So, the sooner you figure out your path to eye of the storm, the sooner you will find stillness. Or is it: the sooner you find stillness, the sooner you will be in the eye of the storm?

Now take all of that and consider this: 

Now you’re not just in the eye of the storm – you are the storm itself, and the eye is just one part of the whole thing… 

Once you get that concept, you’ll really start to harness your awesomeness!

Love + Lightbeams xx

≪☮☽The Mojo†ribe ☾☮≫

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