It's Rare to Know a Shooting Star

The view, Yallingup, Western Australia.
Tree House.
The Cave.
Dress made by me, Triangle cuff by Lotus Mendes.
Reflections in the cave.
Hangin' on the vine.
Spinning top.
After midnight... we gonna let it all hang down.
The morning after.

It's rare to know a shooting star. Those people that, no matter where you're at in your own life or how much time goes by, will always be who they've always been. Those magical souls who leave a sparkle in your heart. Sometimes, two of them will match up and you'll be lucky enough to witness those shooting stars collide into a wildfire that allows you to see everything for what it is. Cosmic.

And the wildfire will feel familiar.
And the explosion will feel like home.
And you will notice the sparkle in your heart again.

I was lucky enough to jump on the raft to celebrate the enchanting wedding of Dale and Marissa. A wedding that spanned four days of music, ocean, feasts, laughter, fresh air and beautiful souls. The wedding itself was in Yallingup, South Western Australia, in our own private outdoor cave - a spectacular pair of stars, surrounded by a galaxy of equally special people. It's something that will stay with me forever, and I know that no matter where I'm at in my life, I'll always be able to go back to the island.

This wildfire revelry feels like home.

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