Packing For a National Tour

To make live loops on stage I use a Roland RC-300 Loop Pedal & Sampler 

One of my strongest memories as a little kid is spending school holidays at my Grandmother's house. I'm an only child which meant I had to keep myself occupied, so my imagination has always been a big part of my life. I remember always packing a million activities into a suitcase to take to Gran's house just in case, God forbid, I ever actually got bored.

As I pack for a national tour of Australia with Newton Faulkner - I realise nothing much has changed! Instead of a huge suitcase full of colouring books, Barbies and my tap shoes - I've packed it all with this stuff. The stuff that makes my live show a whole lot more than just a girl with a guitar. Surprisingly, for someone with such a love of fashion, my clothing takes up not even a quarter of my suitcase - if you can believe it!

Hope to see you somewhere on this trip... You can find gig details here.


Tuesday 2 April
The Tivoli - BRISBANE, QLD

Friday 5 April
Lizotte's Central Coast - KINCUMBER, NSW

Sunday 7 April
Lizotte's Newcastle - NEWCASTLE, NSW

Monday 8 April
Lizotte's Newcastle - NEWCASTLE, NSW

Tuesday 9 April
The Metro Theatre - SYDNEY, NSW

Thursday 11 April

Saturday 13 April
The Bended Elbow - GEELONG, VIC

Sunday 14 April
Caravan Music Club

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