There's Something in The Water

What kind of magical place is this?

The waters of South West Australia... they have some kind of magic.

Breakfast never looked so cute @ Sayers, Leederville

Peace & Leather... MojoMade RAW collection coming soon :)

"Why are you just sitting there? There's dog things to do!!" - Memphis

Got my eye on you.

"Agh! Got my hair wet - I KNEW that would happen..." - Memphis

I love the friends I have gathered on this thin raft

Never lose sight of your shadow.

I miss the sunsets over the ocean... nothing beats a West Australian coast-line at twilight


Indian Ocean.

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Took a trip to my old stomping ground... Perth. It's the first time since I left my whole life behind three years ago that I have truly understood the magnificence of the place I grew up. How lucky I was to have that west coast air filling my lungs each and every day. I hear people talk about the Perth folk and how there must be something in the water... And I have to admit that before I left, the simplicity of   dipping my toes in the West Australian waters felt like any normal every day thing - but this time, it felt like magic, and after 2 weeks of sunsets over the ocean and the "down south" air of Yallingup - something has changed in me.

For some reason I feel at home. Not in any one place in particular.
But in myself.

Have you read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?
Yeah, it's like that.

So it's been a busy few weeks. Busy with all the right things - full of relaxing, beaching, road trippin' and hangin' with some of my favourite people on the planet. I've been to Western Australia and back to Sydney and now I'm in Radelaide, on the road for my national tour with the awesome Newton Faulkner - So I'll try my best to be a good blogger and keep you up to date with on-the-road shenanigans and what the style situation is. Haha.

If you're in Australia, keep your eye on my Facebook Page as I'll be giving tickets away to some of the shows - and we're hitting pretty much every city so you guys should come along to check out some cool live music from Newton, myself and opening band Jolan.

You can get my new EP Borrowed & Blue on iTunes.

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  1. What an amazing place! So jealous!


  2. ooo i didnt realize ur from WA also
    aweosme! x


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