Stripes & Fur Fix Everything

Boots @ Market HQ   |   Clutch @ Sportsgirl   |   Old stripes and eBay fur.

It's been a chaotically creative couple of weeks at Mojo HQ... I've managed to fit in everything from music rehearsals, trying new recipes, home wares DIY's, wardrobe de-cluttering, stylist jobs, website design, drinks, breakfasts, business meetings and jewellery design sessions. My boy has been busy filming and doing actor-man things so I've had a lot of time to reflect with morning strolls around the Harbour and nights rugged up under the covers with my little Memphis Dawg.

We took these snaps on-the-go to a meeting about a new project I'm going to be involved in - as a stylist and designer... It's only in the very early stages so when the time is right, it will land here on my blog. One thing I haven't had time to do is laundry - so I had to throw something together to get to this meeting - and I learned that stripes and fur may just be the answer to everything.

And V8 juice. Seriously.

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    1. Thanks Shannon - it's an eBay steal that vest - I'm in love with it!

    2. The vest is great! Perfect touch for the look!

      Don't miss today my Casual and very Comfy look mixing Shorts and amazing fringes.

      Kisses from

  2. Love the clutch :)

    xo Ashley

  3. Gorgeous! I love your shoes so much xo

  4. great outfit! I love your shoes and the purse, and the vest and the stripes :)
    You look very beautiful!


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